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The Professional Accountant with Income Tax & VAT

CAI is a leading training and research institution established in 1996 by the team of chartered accountants and professional experts. With over a dacade of services to the nation,CAI has been able to contribute to meet the over growing demand for competant and skilled professionals and is now recognized as the market leader in it's areas od operations. The main strength of CAI lies in its team of qualified and eminent resource persons,trainers and faculty members.

CAI pioneered the concept of providing coaching classes for CA education in the country back in 1996 and has successfully introduced training programs in professional areas such as accounting, banking and taxation since then. Similarly, CAI has introduced 'Success and Beyond', a program for personality development and career enhancement .



Course Detail

For Professional Account

"We provide Expert accounting knowledge"

"Over 16 glorious years of service and successful of above 10,000 professional experts"

The Professional Accounting Training (One month)


1.      Concept of Accounting And Preparation of Financial Statement (18 hours)

  •   Meaning of Accounting
  • Concept of Double Entry
  • Accounting Terminology
  • Accounting Equation
  •  Rules of Debit and Credit
  • Fundamental Accounting Principle
  • Preparation of Income Statement
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes to Accounts


2.      Application of Income Tax, VAT, Excise Duty, Custom Duty

A.Income Tax in Nepal   ( 16 hours)

  • Concept of income tax, key features of income tax act 2058
  • Tax rates, exemptions and concessions
  • Tax deduction at sources
  • Calculation of tax under income from employment business/profession and investment
  •  Capital gain tax
  • Return of income and assessment of tax
  •  Administrative review and appeal
  • Fine and penalties

B.Value Added Tax  ( 10 hours )

  •  Concept of VAT, key features of VAT Act 2052
  •  Taxable transactions, tax exemptions and zero rate in VAT
  • Registration in VAT
  • Calculation of taxable value
  • Tax credit/tax set off and tax refund in VAT
  • tax invoice and tax accounting  in VAT
  •  administrative review and appeal
  • fine and penalties

C.Excise Duty  ( 2 hours )

  • Concept, basic provisions as per Excise Act 2058

D.      Customs Duty  ( 2 hours )

  • Provisions as per Concept, basic Customs Act 2064


3.      Personality Development (2 hours)

  • Communication skill
  • Leadership & personality development


Resource Person:

FCA N. K. Sharma

FCA Balchandra Shrestha

CA Bishwa Raj Basaula

CA Subash Sapkota

ACCA Hira Neupane

Madan Lamichane



Total cost Rs. 8,000/-











Kathmandu, Nepal
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