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Income Tax and Vat

Detailed Course Contents



1. Introduction
2. Registration Procedures
3. Assets Under Income Tax Act, 2058
4. Taxable Income
5. Computation of Taxable Income

  1. Business
  2. Employment
  3. Investment

6. Threshold Limit and Rate of Tax
7. Tax Liability for Profit from Non- Business Chargeable Assets
8. Payment of Tax
9. Withholding and Installments
10. Provisions as to Books of Accounts
11. Returns of Income
12. Income Tax Assessment
13. Administrative Review and Appeal
14. Tax Refund Procedures
15. Fees, Interest, Penalties and Offences
16. Accounting under Income Tax Act
17. Live Cases with Solutions (Numerical Exercises)

Value Added Tax (VAT)
1. Introduction, Concept and Definition of VAT
2. Procedure for Registration of Business Organizations under VAT
3. Determination of VAT Chargeable Price and Rate of VAT
4. Accounting and Control under VAT Laws
Preparation and Issue of Invoices and Brief Tax Invoices Preparation and Issue of Debit Notes and Credit Notes Maintenance of Purchase Book, Sales Book, Debit Notes and Credit Notes Register
iv) Maintenance of Stock Register
v) VAT Accounts and Reconciliation with Financial Accounts vi) Maintenance of VAT Accounts and Records under Computerized System vii) Others: Treatment and Record of Used Assets and Free of Cost Receipts and Issues etc.
5. Filing Monthly Return (Self -Assessment) with VAT Office
6. VAT Set -off, Payment and Refund Procedure
7. Imposition of Penalties under the VAT Laws
8. Appeal against the Order of VAT Officers
9. Live Cases with Solutions (Numerical Exercises)
10. Solutions to Typical Issues Related to VAT Accounting.


Kathmandu, Nepal
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