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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic – One Country One Institute

No university in the world imparts CA education. For CA education, every country has its autonomous body established under the Act of Parliament, like The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal Act 2053 for Nepal, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Act 1949 for India. Students have to get registered with the Board and may take private coaching classes. CAI supports students in every procedure including registration.

1. Who can study Chartered Accountancy?

ICAN: Students who have cleared or appeared in final year of 10+2 or Intermediate level in any stream can study Chartered Accountancy starting from CAP I. For details please see eligibility criteria.
ICAI: Students who have cleared class 10 or a higher education can study Chartered Accountancy starting from CPT level. (Students who have joined CPT level after passing class 10 have to study and appear in Higher Secondary Examination (10 + 2) before the CPT Examination. For details please contact us.

2. Why choose CA profession rather than others?

We can’t say that any profession is better or worse but what matter in a professon is financial status and the status of quo in society he/she belongs to. CAs are well paid and respected in any area whether it is corporate or educational. CA profession is a better door towards a secured and sophisticated career. 

3. Where can we get CA education?

CA education can now be completed in Nepal itself. Coaching classes are available in Kathmandu at CAI . However, students may go to India for Articleship Training under ICAI.

4. What are the dates of registration for Chartered Accountancy courses?

Registration is open throughout the year. However, the  examinations are held in June and December under ICAN and it is necessary that a student must get registered at least 6 months before the examination. (For attempting June exam you must  registered within November of previous year and for attempting December exam students must registered within May). Under ICAI, for CPT level for examinations of June and December it is necessary that a student must get registered at least 60 days before the examination but for coaching classes and  study materials students are requested to register 6 months in advance.

5. Is there any entrance test to get registration in CA course?

There is no provision of entrance test to get registration in CA course. 10+2 exam appeared students from any stream securing minimum pass marks can join CA.

6. How long the registration remains valid?

Under ICAN: CAP-I Registration remains valid for 3 years and CAP-II for 5 years. Students can do revalidation if expiry. There is no time deadline to complete CAP-III level.
Under ICAI: CPT Registration remains valid for 3 years, IPCC for 5 years & final for 5 years. Students can do revalidation before the expiry of initial registration.

7. What are the subjects of CA course?

CA Subject cover all business subjects with world emerging concepts.

8. Is there any provision of transfer between ICAN and ICAI students during studies?

No, there is no provision for transfer between ICAN and ICAI.

9. Where are the examinations held?

Under ICAN, the examination center is at Brilliant Academy, Chabahil, Kathmandu. Under ICAI, the examination center, is at DAV School, Lalitpur and Central School of India, Lainchour.

10. How has been the performance of CAI?

Better than past with commitment to make further improvement.CAI has produced merit rank holders and toppers in the CA exams of ICAN and ICAI in its period of services. Some of the students securing merit ranks and toppers who got 100% scholarship based on results.

11. Is it possible to do CA along with other college education?

Yes, of course, Students can do bachelor programs like BBS, BBA etc. The students need not really attend colleges for BBS (Courses of CA cover the majority of the syllabus of BBS). For doing BBA with CA it is hard to arrange class time (Even though few students are doing so.)

12. It is really hard to study CA?

Lazy students do not win CA race. CA requires in depth dedication and regular labor with a passion of Fast & Steady race.

13. Is there any scope for those who will not be able to complete CA for any reason?

Those who cannot complete CA will still have better future than general university degree holders because they have through practical education along with rigorous training of 3 years. Many such semi-qualified people are working with various organizations at different managerial levels.

14. Is CA course recognized by TU?

Yes, CA course with bachelor degree in any discipline is recognized by TU as equivalent to Master’s Degree.

15. Can we do PhD after completing CA?

Yes, After the completion of CA course, one can do PhD subject to recognition given by concerned universities. CAs from ICAI are well recognized for this.

16. Can CA work in foreign countries?

Yes, CAs can work in foreign countries. There could be restrictions for auditing in foreign countries because for that CAs have to be the member of concerned statutory authority of respective countries. For rest of all the professions, CA degree is recognized all over the world. CAs from ICAI has all paper exception except 1 or 2 almost all major countries of the world. ICAN is in process in this regardtoo.

17. What is the role and scope of Chartered Accountants in the modern-day commercial world?

Chartered Accountants occupy the prominent role of higher-level executives in our economy and society. Members of this profession play a dominant role in accounting, taxation and auditing areas. With the passage of time,increasing responsibilities are being placed on the members for their specialized knowledge. The presence of CAs in top management level of various well-known banks, financial institutions and government offices of the country also
signifies the importance and the weight of CA education.
Opportunities for financial sectors are as follows:
1. Private Sector Job
2. Public Sector Job
3. Government Departments Job
4. Audit Works:
a. Statutory Audit b. Internal Audit c. Tax Audit etc.
5. Certification Work, Property valuation
6. Management Consultancy Services
7. Secretarial Work
8. Liquidator’s Work
9. Accounting Job
10. Banking & Financial Institutions
11. Corporate Management
12. Foreign Employment etc.
13. Political appointment in senior level
14. Investigations

18. Is there any scholarship facilities at CAI?

CAI provides various scholarships for deserving and needy students. There are.
a. Based on internal test
b. Based on Board result – of ICAN/ICAI 

19. What is Articleship Training?

Under ICAN: After the completion of Intermediate (CAP-II) level, students are required to join articleship training for 3
years under a practicing Chartered Accountant member. But the students admitted to CAP-II Level from Bachelor Degree may join Articleship Training after passing 1st group of CAP-II Level. Students will get some prescribed amount of stipend during the training period.
Under ICAI: A student who is registered for both groups of integrated Professional Competence Course and has passed Group I of IPCC can join 3 years of articleship training under a Practicing Chartered Accountant. But the students admitted to IPCC Level from Bachelor Degree may join Articleship Training Imidate registiaion in IPCC. Students will get some prescribed amount of stipend during the training period.

20. What is Hall & Postal Test Scheam?

For appearing in the final examinations of CAP-I, CAP-II & CAP-III level, students are required to pass the pre-test exams (Hall/Postal) within the prescribed period by the ICAN. Minimum pass marks for the test is 40%. Please contact us for detail informations.

21. What is Information Technology Training?

Under ICAN
Information Technology Parctical Training 100 hours.
• Completed before joining articleship training 60 hours &
• Completed before CAP-III examination 40 hours
Under ICAI
Information Technology Training 100 hours.
• Completed before joining articleship training.


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