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CAI Merit Rank-Holders

The results of CAI students have always spoken for themselves. The performance of our students since May 1999 CA Foundation examinations conducted by ICAI (Kathmandu Center) has set new records. In recent ICAI CPT exams 20 of our students got All-India Merit Rank which is in itself a record for Nepalese CA students. About 85% of our students have passed through in these exams with record percentage of marks and many students have secured All-India Merit Rank and also topped in CAP-I, CAP-II and CAP-III levels of ICAN board exams.

The proof of the excellent quality of education at 
CAI also lies in the fact that even students from faculties other than Commerce (i.e. Science, Arts etc.) have secured very high percentage of marks and won gold medals in subjects such as Accountancy, Mercantile Law and Economics.

Following is a list of Merit Rank Holders from CAI:






Kathmandu, Nepal
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